Out of the Ordinary by Black Brella

The term Interior Designing is a process to continually redefine the ordinary; creating new and exciting spaces while staying true to one’s own ethos.

BlackBrella recommends: To bend the rules of what is the standard design practice and continually challenge the possibility of creating something new.  


Uniquely yours table by Black Brella

Not adhering to the conventional style of designing a traditional study table top, let's do something out of the box. Unique and uniquely yours! Thus creating a stylish and smart way to project an independent and unusual study/working environment; a closer look at the angle of the table and who says you have to be straight and neat overall.

BlackBrella recommends: We definitely cares for the fengshui supreme requirements (from the owner) while harmonizing the design output and the end-user.

Lifestyle-New year resolution 2018.jpg

Sliding Hiding door by Black Brella

Sliding door is a smart way of minimising the large area of a hinged door and at the same time, exposes a wide entry space into a sleek interior, especially some part of the wall is demolished and re-created to another purpose room - ensuring peace and a relax reading corner.

BlackBrella recommends: 
Minimal choice of colours: Using the same laminate throughout one's space makes the intent & overall consistent, acts like a drapery while looking fabulous and modern.

Lifestyle - Sliding hiding door(edit1).jpg

Bookshelf Table Support by Black Brella

Study desk are your home's ready workstations for you to do your reading, research and work. Hence, ready amenities such as handy notebooks, stationery and books should be nearby. Instead of creating a normal table leg support, we created a fully functional bookshelf instead to increase the tensile strength of the suspended table yet serving a useful purpose.

BlackBrella recommends:

Potted greenery plants to spur up the space while also giving the eye a good resting focal point whenever needed. 


Summer Furniture by Black Brella

With an all year round summer weather, Singapore is the destination to be to avoid the cold harsh frost bites. And nothing reflects the image of sunshine more than the colour, Yellow. With its vibrancy and dynamism, it makes the best choice of colour for an outdoor furniture. These loud furniture brings the fun factor by acting as accent pieces in the space, bringing a focal point in otherwise a boring setting. Featured in this balcony is a pair of outdoor chairs that sports a chic and stylish outlook. One would definitely love to enjoy a cuppa or a natural acai at this balcony every weekend.

BlackBrella recommends:

Invisible Grille: These mighty strong grilles, only visible at certain angles; provides great security without compromising the great outdoor scene.


Designer Barstool by Black Brella

Getting the perfect barstool that matches the outlook of your interior may not be an easy task. However, with the right selection; it greatly accentuates the overall outlook of the interior by seamlessly connecting various interior elements with in harmonious blend.

BlackBrella recommends:

Le Spighe Barstool. This designer barstool is designed to be rotatable and comes in a wide range of fabric finishes.


Multi-Purpose Rack by Black Brella

With our un-exhausting shopping purchases during the Great Singapore Sale, storage for kitchen equipment and cutlery more than often becomes an issue. With a simple touch of creativity; one will be able to create a highly functional and easy way to store hanging pots & pans, cups, champagne flutes and many more. The wall hung rack in itself becomes yet another platform to dry plates and glasses.

BlackBrella recommends:

An open rack that comes with rounded edges to ensure the well-being and safety of home-owners.